I stopped by at the College Park Community Library yesterday to drop off a few books at their “Donation Day” event.

It’s only been  about three months since the library started, but I was pleased to know that the library’s book collection has grown past 1000 mark.

North College Park resident Joe Smith started the community library at the basement of the Church of the Nazarene on Rhode Island Avenue. A few other residents also volunteered to help him out.

Joe told me that he is working on a database of collected books and hopes to open the library sometime next month for everyone. When it will open, residents should be able to borrow books.

The Church also donated a few computers to the library that will soon be connected online. Once the library opens next month, residents can use these computers to browse internet, just like they can do in other public libraries.

The way the librray is growing, I thing it will soon run out of space. The next thing we ought to do is find a bigger place for the library.

In the mean time, if you want to donate books, please contact Joe or other volunteer by visiting library’s web page here.

Thank you Joe and everyone involved for this great community project!