College Park February 2019 PGPD Crime Map

The College Park February 2019 PGPD crime map was generated from the PGPD crime data for the period of February 2- March 2, 2019 (Beat 7) and January 31 – March 4, 2019 (Beat 6). The interactive map can be seen here: https://www.easymapmaker.com/map/283e94560160f0db68ad2d24a6746b3e.

Here is the summary of crime incidents by major neighborhoods:

North College Park – 12

Mid-town (Berwyn/Lakeland) – 8

Old town / Calvert Hill- 3

West College Park – 0

Yarrow and Estates – 2

Additional crime incidents inside the UMD campus and the surrounding areas can be found here on the UMPD website: https://www.umpd.umd.edu/stats/incident_logs.cfm?year=2019&month=2

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