College Park / UM Metro: One of 3 top favorite candidates for the Prince George’s County downtown

The Maryland Park and Planning held a town hall meeting recently at the University of Maryland in search of the future downtown of the Prince George’s County. You can find the entire presentation here

The meeting was the latest of the 3+ years effort to find where the County should focus the most of its resources. The effort started back in 2009 with several public forums organized by the EnvisionPrinceGeorge’s initiative.

The UMd forum discussed key elements of a downtown and looked at three high performers and finally it looked at three potential game changers.

The top 3 favorites that were selected include College Park / UM Metro, Prince George’s Plaza and the New Carrollton Stations. The scores were given based on several indicators, such as transit & access, capacity, walkability, economic growth potential.

The meeting also looked at the future developments that can potentially changes the face of the future downtown . The future game changers are Largo Town Center (hospital), Greenbelt (FBI) and Branch Avenue (WMATA joint development).

The draft plan for the downtown will be ready in September this year with the final approval expected happen in the spring next year.