It’s been a while since we last talked about the event that our city will be witnessing for the first time in its history – the College Park Day (October 9, Saturday). You haven’t probably heard much buzz in the media about the event lately, but volunteers have been working quietly to make the event a grand success. Here are a few updates I thought I should give you to get you excited (if you’re not already yet!!)

  • First, we have a new flyer (please see at the left), replacing the old ‘Save the Date’ flyer. Please feel free to download the new  flyer, make a thousand copies and share those with your friends and neighbors. Here is the link to download the hi-res PDF version: cpday2010
  • Led by our publicity Chair, Joe Smith, the crew of volunteers have been busy in distributing the event posters at major businesses in the City. The group has covered quite a few businesses in north College Park yesterday and will do the same throughout the city in the next few days.
  • We’ve quite a few sponsors who came forward supporting the event. They are many – you can see the complete list here on our event’s website. This is not to ignore the generous contribution of $5000 that our City has made for this event. Quite a few volunteers have been working hard to get more sponsors and funds. Our former Mayor Steve Braymen has been actively leading that effort. 
  • The list of participants is also growing everyday – err – should I say on a hourly basis. So far we have some 38 groups signed up expressing interest to be part of the event. We’re hoping to see that number to grow up to 50 by the event day. See the complete list here.
  • Our students in the City schools have been busy in doing their “This is My Culture” posters. I’m excited to see what our young citizens have to say about the diversity of the town in these posters. The school principals and the staff have also been quite busy in getting the words out about the contests among their students. If you haven’t heard of the contest, please take a look at the contest’s page on our website:
  • Led by UMd SGA Liaison Becca Lurie, another group of volunteers has been busy to entertain you and your entire families at the event. The group and the M-NCPPC will also be arranging kids’ activities, such as moon-bounces etc. Our former Mayor Joe Page is expected to be there to read stories to our younger ones.
  • The preparation for the history exhibits and slide shows is also going in full swing. City council woman Stephanie Stullich has been helping us a lot in providing City’s history related materials to make these exhibits a reality. In case you didn’t know, Stephanie co-authored a book on the City history a few years ago. You can get the book online here.
  • Finally and not least to mention, Morgan Gale has been busy with his own crew of volunteers to entertain you with varieties of scrumptious food / delicacies. Most importantly- food you’ll get at the event will be absolutely FREE!! We hope that should entice you to be at the event on the 9th.
  • All in all, we’re doing all we can to make the event a success. All we want from you is this – please save the date (Oct 9, 1-5pm) for now. More on the event is on our website