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College Park City Council last night supported a motion to disapprove the preliminary plan application for rezoning of the Cafritz development. The Council vote went (5-2-1), Council member Catlin and Dennis opposed the motion. I abstained.

A motion by District 3 Council member Stephanie Stullich asked to disapprove the rezoning. Stullich’s motion includes several reasons for disapproval. The developer has not provided critical information in regards to the plan until the last minutes. For the same reason, The Historic Preservation Commission did not go through adequate review. UMd’s letter was also not strong enough to support the plan. Additionally, the financing plan to build the project was not detailed enough.

The Council however asked the planning board to support our planning staff’s recommended conditions, if the plan goes ahead.

Earlier, The University Park Town Council unanimously disapproved the plan last Monday. The Reiverdale Park Town Council, on the other hand voted to support it on a special meeting on Saturday.

The County’s Planning Board will take its position tomorrow on the rezoning application. The board’s staff have already recommended to approve the rezoning application.