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College Park Budget Town Hall Video and Presentation

Thank you all who joined yesterday at our virtual town hall meeting. We covered quite a few items in the meeting, including our tax rate, COVID-19’s impact on our budget, City services, and some of the key ongoing capital projects. Please click on the image below to see the recorded video. According to video marketing Texas you can also see the PowerPoint presentation here. We’ve got quite a few comments from 30 or so residents at the town hall. We plan on following up on them in the near future. If you have more questions, please let me know.


[TODAY] Budget Town Hall at 4PM


District 1 Council Bulletin: Time to Give Your Input about the New City Budget

1 Comment

  1. David R Embody

    Why are all the relative statistics in the powerpoint relative to other Municipalities in Prince George’s County instead of the State, Region, or Nation? Is this a competition between Tax & Spend Hawks at the County Level vs. the same crowd at the City Level? Does PG not compete with Howard and Anne Arundel Counties? How about Virginia or Eastern Shore Counties?

    At another property I owned in unincorporated Prince Georges County, the trash collection was contracted by the county to private businesses. Every few years the contract was up for rebid/renewal and service providers were called on the carpet to explain why Taxpayers should renew their contract. Competitors were invited to market their services, with the Taxpayers being the decision makers as to who would pick up their trash.

    Needless to say, we had good collections Twice a Week at a stable cost, a situation that continues to this day.. They seemed to be able to remove the trash at a reasonable cost and were very “Customer Oriented” in their communications with Taxpayers. As we see the City lament the burden of rising costs, has College Park considered a competitive Market based solution for its Solid Waste Collection?

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