College Park Budget for Residents Review

Our FY2013 budget book is a very large 415 page document. While some will (thankfully) take the time and pain to go over this huge book, I assume most of us will not have the time to do the same. This led me to think of a shorter version of our budget book that is easy for our residents to understand instead of going through this big complex document.

With the help of my colleagues on the Council and our City staff, I’ve prepared a short preview document that highlights the most important information about our budget. It does not include all the details, thus please feel free to ask any question you may have.

You can download this preview document here.

Also, please attend our Budget Town Hall meeting tonight at 7pm at Davis Hall. Five College Park Council members (Wojahn, Kabir, Afzali, Catlin and Mitchell) will be there to answer your questions. Seee you all there.