Tomorrow, on July 4th, the College Park Arts Exchange has organized a Porchfest “PorchFourth” lineup of local musicians who will play sets outside at different addresses across the city.  This outdoor, physically distant music event should be a fun way to spend part of the day, please see the schedule posted. 

Art and music are basic human functions. Humankind and art cannot function without one another. We have the burning desire to create, whatever it may be and however tiny or grand. The interaction with sound is unavoidable, either to make it or take pleasure in it. People have always found music significant in their lives, whether for enjoyment in listening, the emotional response, performing, or creating. This is no different for classical music or contemporary concert music. Both music have immense worth for our society; however, the problem we all know in this field is that this music is little known and hence underappreciated. As musicians and artists it is my responsibility that others can learn to enjoy the art for which we have utter passion. So for those who are highly interested to learn music, they can visit this site.

A celebration of musical acts around the neighborhoods of College Park! You may be needing musical instruments like a perfect piano for a celebration or a concert. Rent a piano instead of buying one! There are some providers that help to ease and smoothen your piano practice by offering premium quality pianos for you.

Please wear your mask, observe physical distancing at all times, and bring your own blanket or chairs. Maximum crowd size is 50 people or less — look for some of these events to be livestreaming. If you will like to participate from home, just get your gear from and send us a request right away.

Also, plan ahead and use your bathroom at home before attending PorchFourth events! This is a rain or shine event.  Please put safety first in case of lightning. You are welcome to support the performers with tips! Some have provided online links to make this easier.

To Host – CPAE can assign musicians to perform in your yard.  All you might need to provide is possibly an outdoor outlet.    Sign up here.

Contact with any questions.