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College Park and Berwyn Heights Have 34 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Yesterday, for the first time, the Maryland Department of Health shared data showing where coronavirus patients live by ZIP code.

According to the published data, College Park and Berwyn Heights, which share Zipcode 20740 have a total of 34 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The number of cases appears to be the second-lowest among what other neighboring towns have. The area bounded by the Zipcode 20781 (parts of Hyattsville, Edmonston, and surrounding areas) appears to have the lowest number of cases – 29.

Please see the list of confirmed COVID-19 cases, by ZIP code. Among the neighboring towns, the area with ZIP code 20706 (Lanham, etc.) has the highest number of cases – 120. Our neighboring areas with Zipcode 20705 (Beltsville etc.) have 73 cases.

Some of the Silver Spring towns have also been hit hard by COVID-19. Zip 20783 (Langley Park, etc) has 97 cases, whereas Zip 20901 (Takoma Park, etc.) has 73.

Among the counties in Maryland, Prince George’s has the highest number of cases – a total of 2,205. A total of 362 residents died in Maryland since the outbreak last month. Maryland has a total of 8,225 active cases so far.

ZIP CodeRepresentative City/Town
(Some ZIP code areas may include areas outside of the City listed below. Please click on the link on the respective City to see the actual geographic area)
# COVID-19 Cases
20740College Park, Berwyn Heights34
20705Beltsville, Calverton73
20783Adelphi, Langley Park97
20706Lanham, Seabrook120
20784New Carrollton74
20781Hyattsville, Edmonston, Tuxedo29
20782University Park, part of Hyattsville76
20903Hillandale, Silver Spring50
20901Takoma Park73

More data is available on the state Department of Health website.

Please note that: case counts per zip code area may be impacted by multiple factors including test availability and may not be an accurate indication of the concentration of positive cases in that area. Case rates per 100,000 residents is a more accurate indication of the concentration of positive cases in the area but it also is impacted by many factors including testing availability. What is clear, is that COVID-19 is present throughout the county and in every municipality. DO NOT assume that a lower case count or rate in your community means you are not at risk. It remains of the utmost importance, that no matter where you live in the county, you must maintain social distancing and all other recommendations regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19.


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  1. Mary

    Thanks for providing this information. It is sobering.

  2. Diana

    Thank you so much for the information.

  3. Joseph Horstkamp

    Dr. Kabir, Thank you for this information. It’s interesting to where we stand with COVID-19 in P.G. county compared to the rest of Maryland. Hope you and your family doing okay. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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