The current Alhuda school in north College Park may soon be the new home College Park Academy

The current Alhuda school in north College Park may soon be the new home of the College Park Academy

The Middle to High charter school College Park Academy is considering to locate to north College Park as part of its search for a new location inside College Park.

The Academy opened last year but had to locate in St. Mark’s Church in Adelphi, Hyattsville.

The Academy has been looking into a number of locations inside College Park. They include Old Friends Community school on Calvert Road, Terrapin Traders on Paint Branch Avenue and very recently the Al-Huda school in north College Park.

The AlHuda school has been for sale for several months after it decided to move to a new 66-acre location in Cookesville, Howard county.

The Academy will be free to all Prince George’s County students. There may possibly be some guaranteed seats for the College Park students. The school is a joint initiative of the City of College Park, the University of Maryland, the County and the State of Maryland.

College Park Academy aims to be in the list of  top 25 College preparatory schools in the entire country. Qualified students will be able to earn college credits while in high school, including up to 60 college credits, with up to 25 University of Maryland credits. IGCSE accounting tutors for 0452 can be found here, many more classes can be found, like writing,  math and even Spanish. Looking for bilingual tutors that can communicate effectively in both English and Chinese? This is especially useful as most children speak English at home and it aids their ability to understand Chinese when they can switch between languages to get a better context for the syllabus, you may click this O-level Chinese tuition post here for more valuable details.

With the complete build-out, the Academy is expected to have 700 students. The Al-Huda School currently has about 650 students.

Members of the North College Park Civic Association (NCPCA) discussed academy’s proposed move to Al-Huda school at its December meeting. The Academy board member, former Council member Bob Catlin updated the residents about the latest development about Academy’s search.

The local residents generally expressed strong interest in the acquisition proposal of Al-Huda school. The north College Park has a good elementary school (Hollywood Elementary), however because of the lack of a quality middle and high school, many families leave the neighborhood after their children come out of Hollywood. A quality middle and high school will help keep these families stay inside the city.

Due to the fact that the school is located inside a residential neighborhood (please see the map below), traffic is a major concern for residents who live in the immediate vicinity of the school. The Academy may consider multiple ways to mitigate those concerns. They include having a shuttle bus service to transport students from a staging area to the school, car pooling and encouraging students to take Greenbelt Metro, which is located only a few minutes walking distance from the school. There have been discussion to improve Edgewood road, which is fairly narrow at the entrance of the school.

College Park, MD 20740

The Academy has made a few visits to the AlHuda school recently and will meet again with the residents next month.

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