Last week, the County Board of Education voted to extend its contract with the College Park Academy for an additional five year period.

The school, which has heavy University of Maryland support, will open its newly constructed school in August. The new school is located just off River Road, southeast of the College Park Metro Station.

Beginning in 2018 the school will, for the first time, have a local catchment area for 35% of incoming students, typically numbering about 100-120 a year. The local catchment area will be for students who would attend the following elementary schools: Berwyn Heights, Hollywood, Paint Branch, University Park, Riverdale and Cherokee Lane.

Currently students from these six schools comprise almost 15 percent of the Academy. The Academy opened in fall 2013 on Adelphi Road at the old St. Mark’s school.

Thanks to former Council member Robert Catlin, for sharing this information.