College Park Academy

The new middle and high school College Park Academy has opened its admission for 2013 classes.

The school will be one of the first major examples of the University District Vision which President Loh and the Council have embraced. The idea came from City leaders and the City is the rock on which it is being built.

The school will open this fall with grades 6 and 7 at St Mark’s while we work with the City, other property owners, and neighborhoods to get agreement on the permanent location in the City (or locations, if we decide on splitting the middle school and high school.) We’ll be working with the City on these issues this spring.

Parents from College Park and across the County are inquiring about CPA and some have already applied.

The University and the School System have been great partners, helping in many practical ways.

Frank Brewer, who retired from UMCP and whom all of you know, is doing a fabulous job at CPA Interim Executive Director, while we recruit the permanent one.

The deadline for applications is January 31. If there are more applicants than seats by then,  a lottery will be held in early February.

The best way for parents to learn about CPA is to go to its website:

There they can read about its rigor and partnership with UMCP, find self-diagnostic tests for students and parents to help decide if CPA is right for their family, find out how to get their questions answered, and apply.

You know whether or not your neighbors know about CPA and are interested. If there are folks you know in College Park and elsewhere in Prince George’s who you think should know, please share the website with them.