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Coffee Club to Discuss Neighborhood Crimes

Starbucks @ Downtown

In case the recent crime incidents have made you concerned about your neighborhood safety, here is a great way to get some relief – share that worries with someone who knows the matter first hand- and possibly find some solutions.

Captain Walters is trying to start a coffee club that would meet weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9am at the Starbucks located in Downtown College Park.

Captain Walters is in charge of Baker sector for District 1 PG Police, which covers North College Park.

PG Police community liaison officer Melanie Sarita is excited about the idea of having the coffee club. “This would be a great opportunity for citizens to meet weekly with the Captain and discuss issues that they maybe having in the area. “ -said officer Sarita.

I too think this is great way to know and discuss the crime issues with someone who is “in charge” of the matter. 

The downtown StarbBucks is located at 7338 Baltimore Avenue, phone (301) 277-0106

 If you want to know nore about the club, please feel free to contact Officer Melanie Sarita ( or City’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator Kim Lugo ( Also, please share this news with your friends and neighbors.


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  1. Diana

    It is a shame these “coffees” are not being held in a place where residents don’t have to pay the City to park. Would love to see the location moved.

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