College Park New Website

In case you haven’t had a chance to visit City’s website recently, it has gone through some minor changes.

Most of the changes are about the home page and the navigation panels on the left and on the top.

The home page has new banner, which could have been a bit more professional. Funny thing is if you try to access the home page through you will see a different home page than if you access through The latter one will show the a blank panel in the top middle portion of the page, that you won’t see if you access through the first link.

The navigation panel on the left is much smaller in terms of links it has. Some of the links, such as “Departments”, will expand when you click on them. I think this is a good change in terms getting rid of some clutter.

City said earlier that it will be spending $15,000 to on a contracting company to do the overhaul. It will spend additional dollars to upgrade and maintain the site time to time in future. It’s not clear the recent changes are part of those planned overhauls.

In case you miss the old site, here is a picture I grabbed a few months ago.