As the City has introduced FY2012 budget and it’s struggling with revenues and maintaining services, it’s time to take a look at how much the City officials are making every year.

The data I present below was extraced from a database maintained by the Gazette paper. The link should also allow us to compare staff at similar posts are making in other sorrounding  municipalities.

Nagro, Joseph$138,340City Manager
Groh, Stephen$112,181Director Of Finance
Higgins, Peggy$104,171Director Of Community Resources
Schum, Terry$104,171Director Of Planning
Ryan, Robert$96,732Director Of Public Services
Halpern, Steven$95,880Civil Engineer III
Stumpff, Robert$89,826Director Of Public Works
Alexander, Brenda$83,883Deputy Director Of Public Works
Thomas Jr., Leo$81,838Deputy Director Of Finance
Clements, Jill$76,774Director Of Human Resources
Price, Sarah$74,468Information Systems Manager
Scalzo, Gonzalo$72,820Programmer Analyst
Miller, James$71,042Parking Enforcement Manager
Miller, Janeen$69,151City Clerk
Gold, Stacie$67,619Clinical Supervisor
Burns, Angela$65,655Seniors Program Manager
Oulahyane, Youssef$63,845Information Systems Tech III
Cofske, Robert$62,528Code Enforcement Officer III
Ferguson, William$62,528Crew Chief
Setser, Cecilia$62,528Billing and Collections Supervisor
Friedman, Dorothy$61,752Planner
Vacant, Vacant$61,427Assistant To The City Manager I
Vitale, Elisa$61,259Senior Planner
Bass, William$61,003Crew Chief
Silver Sr., Arthur$60,443Mechanic II
Allen, Yvette$59,515Assistant City Clerk
Fleming Sr., William$58,307Public Works Supervisor
Linder, Carolanne$58,064Safety Officer
Gallop, Otis$57,565Motor Equipment Operator III
Williams, Theresheia$56,681Administrative Assistant
Osborn, Scott$56,648Parking Enforcement Field Operations Supervisor
Daves, John$55,579Code Enforcement Officer II
Fletcher, Sharon-Ann$53,949Administrative Assistant
Lynn, Willie$53,918Crew Chief
Clayton, Tracey$53,594Fiscal Support Specialist III
Crissinger, Margaret$53,594Fiscal Support Specialist III
Hall, Kim$53,594Fiscal Support Specialist III
Posey, Timothy$52,287Garage Supply Clerk/Assistant Mechanic
Jansorn, Gittipan$50,097Lead Groundskeeper
James, John$50,017Supply Clerk