The City has recently published the Resident Information Guide. All City’s homeowners should be receiving the guide by mail. In case you haven’t received it , you can check it out here on City’s website:

The guide is online and visible on City’s homepage.  There’s a button that says “Resident Guide”

This handy booklet gives us the most pertinent information about City Services and how we can play a role in making our community a better place for everyone.

Some residents asked why it took a while to get the guide. The delay was somewhat related to City’s new website which went out recently. Staff wanted the Resident Guide to better reflect what was on the City’s website and to direct residents looking for further information or reference to the correct links (which couldn’t have been done until the new website was completely finished).  City’s new website launched in late October but tweaks were still happening through December/January.  Staff began creating the new resident guide in-house in December which included a lot of revisions to structure, layout, and information provided. Printing and mailing took about a month.   

I also got a few questions on the budget for the guide. Printing and mailing 5,500 copies (including some extras to provide for those who need another copy) costs about $10,200, plus about $1,700 to translate it into Spanish (which is currently being done).

Going forward, Council May decide to send it out twice a year.  There could be a Spring/Summer edition and a Fall/Winter edition mailed to residents.  That way the City can better tailor the information to the season, events, and highlight what’s going on in the City in the very near future.