Exciting news for our dog owners.  The proposed dog park in north College Park is now fully funded.

In the new FY2020 budget, $328,668 has been allocated for the proposed dog park on 51st Avenue, just north of the Public Works building. This will be in addition to $50,000 we currently have in the project’s account.

A community meeting was held in May last year to present information about creating a dog park on a portion of the Prince George’s County Board of Education property on 51st Avenue north of the Public Works facility. Community members expressed a positive interest in this location.

Based on this feedback, staff contacted the Board of Education to see if they would consider the City’s request to utilize another portion of this parcel for a City maintained dog park.

The park will have two “playgrounds” – one for small and large dogs. It will also have a water supply/fountain, drainage, https://www.northernfence-wi.com/ fence and secure gates, waste station. Parking will be available at the DPW parking lot A new sidewalk is expected to be built between the DPW parking lot and the park, so if you want to take your dog to the park, you should also get a cute dog harnesses and gear just for this purpose. There will be relaxed, self-enforced regulation, with spot checks by City’s ACO (Animal Control Officer).

My special thanks to the community members, and in particular former Councilwoman Christine Nagle for their advocacy for the park. My sincerest thanks to our City staff who have been working really hard in this project behind the scene.

More about the proposed dog park can be found here on City’s web site.

We expect the construction to start around this winter – next spring time frame.