Thanks to the hard work of a few residents like Joe Smith and Jackie Kelly, things at the library are looking good!

I’m particularly excited to see the library finally opening ts doors, because I was also a big supporter of having a community library in our part of the City.

In case you have not hard, the community library is completely run by volunteers and is not associated with the Prince George’s County library systems. Currently the library will be operating from the basement of the Church of Nazarene until a more permanent place is found. The Church of the Nazarene is located at 9704 Rhode Island Ave.

On Monday evening, I made a trip to the library and saw both Joe and Jackie working to make the library ready for its grand opening on February 22 at 10am. Last time I visited the library was in early December. Last night, the small room at the Church basement finally started to look like a real library!

Joe told me they are looking for more volunteers! If you know of anyone interested please have them call Jackie Kellie: 301.474.8044 or send an e-mail at To find more, please check library’s home page at: