Bike and Ride station at the College Park Metro

College Park’s Bike & Ride facility is set to on next Tuesday, May 15 at 10:00 AM.

This will also the first Bike & Ride facility of its kind in the Metro system. More information is online at the Metro site here.

The Bike & Ride facility is a secure, enclosed parking structure with space for more than 100 bikes. The enclosed 2,400-square-foot room is located on the first level of the parking garage.

Bike & Ride users will need a personal access card to enter the Bike & Ride, providing a second level of security beyond a bike lock.

Bike parking in the facility is charged at a rate of 2 to 5 cents per hour.  There are no monthly or annual fees.  A one-time $5 charge is applied for new customer ID verification.

Metro has been testing the facility for about a month with a selected group of users allowing  them to try out the new system and evaluate how it works.

If you plan to attend the grand opening next week, Metro is strongly encouraging you to arrive on bike – having as many attendees as possible coming on bike will send a great message to our community.