Yesterday was 9/11 anniversary – the day when our nation mourned the loss of  innocent American lives in terrorist attacks 9 years ago. Yet, the day’s solemn mourning was marred by the  hate filled messages of vengeance from some to desecrate sacred texts.

I was happy to see that the City’s faith groups came together in releasing a statement yesterday denouncing the threat of such hate filled acts. The group, called The Faith Community Network, is fairly a young one, but has already brought a number of City’s Churches and place of worships under its belt. I’ve been to a few events they organized in the recent past, such as the stream cleanup in last April and more recently a summer picnic. Rev. Dr. James B. Vigen of the Hope Luthern Church is the lead organizer of the group.

You can read the complete news release here on the network’s website. Here is an excerpt from that statement:

COLLEGE PARK, MD.–The Faith Community Network of College Park is committed to fostering good relations and understanding between all houses of worship in our greater College Park area and throughout the nation. We also work cooperatively together to further the common good of all our citizens. For this reason, we cannot, in conscience, remain silent in the face of the turmoil that has embroiled our nation because of the misguided threat by one religious group to desecrate the sacred Scriptures of the Muslim community. We deplore all such intolerant actions and are gratified that, for the time being at least, the religious community in Florida has responded to the worldwide outcry and has announced a suspension of their plans. This result is, we believe, an answer to the fervent prayers of many people. We continue to pray that, as a result of the talks in New York next week, a final decision to renounce any further plans to burn the Koran will be announced.