In a step towards shaping the future of the Lakeland neighborhood, the City Council will be considering approving a contract of sale at next week’s. The focus of this agreement is the acquisition of the property situated at W 35.2 FT Lot 14 04-05 Pierce Avenue, owned by Williams C. Ferguson and Williams H. Bass in Maryland. The proposed purchase price of $100,000, along with additional settlement costs, signals the City’s commitment to strategic urban development.

The property, a vacant lot measuring 35.2 feet wide and 170 feet deep, zoned RSF-65, caught the attention of the City after proactive communication from the lot owners expressing their interest in selling. This prime piece of real estate, documented under Deed Reference 34817/00095, presents a myriad of possibilities for the City’s future landscape.

One of the key considerations for this acquisition is the potential for creating open space or residential development that seamlessly integrates with the neighborhood’s character. The City envisions leveraging this opportunity to enhance the streetscape and align with the broader strategic plan. The decision-makers, including the Mayor and Council, anticipate exploring the optimal use of the property in greater detail at a later date, emphasizing a thoughtful and community-driven approach.

With settlement slated for on or before February 29, 2024, the Lakeland neighborhood stands at the threshold of transformation. The proposed acquisition promises to not only add value to the community but also opens avenues for collaborative decision-making. The creation of a community open space is on the horizon, and the City is poised to engage in consultations with the residents to ensure the chosen purpose aligns with their aspirations.

At next week’s meeting, the City Council will consider the purchase of the Pierce Avenue property Lot 14. This motion signifies the collective will of the City Council to usher in positive change and lays the foundation for a future where the Lakeland neighborhood thrives as a result of strategic urban planning and community collaboration. As the settlement date approaches, anticipation builds for the dawn of a new chapter in Lakeland’s history.