City’s Comments on Greenbelt Road Draft Improvement Plan

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider approving a letter with City comments on the Greenbelt Road Corridor Plan to be sent to the Greenbelt City Council. You can read the draft plan here.

The comments include
(a) Right-sizing the corridor is extremely important in order to make room for wider sidewalks, buffered bike lanes, and landscaping. A road diet seems appropriate.
(b) Improving connectivity between residential and commercial areas and the trail system should be a priority.
(c) Further analysis is necessary to determine appropriate operational changes at intersections.
(d) Reduce the speed limit to 30 mph or less.
(e) Restriping the segment of MD 430 to create a buffered bike lane and connecting it to the Paint Branch Trail could be a low‐cost SHA District 3 project.
(f) A pedestrian bridge across the CSX/WMATA railroad tracks has previously been explored between College Park and Greenbelt, however, not along Branchville Road. This is a recommendation that deserves further study and collaboration between us. (g) Accommodation for transit users should be well integrated into the overall plan.

[City of College Park]
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