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City’s Code and Parking Enforcement Staff Salaries and Rates

Recently, a resident asked about salaries / rates of our code and parking enforcement officers. I thought, some of you may find this information helpful as well.

Parking Enforcement Officers :
PEO I Grade-6 $ 33,221 – $ 57,090
PEO II Grade-7 $ 34,606 – $ 59,471

Code Enforcement Officers:
CEO I Grade-8 $ 35,990 – $ 61,850
CEO II Grade-10 $ 38,761 – $ 66,611
CEO III Grade-12 $ 41,531 – 71,370

Parking Enforcement Officers:
PEO I G-6 $ 15.97 – $ 27.44
PEO II G-7 $ 16.63 – $ 28.59

PEO NIGHT SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL OF $1.00/hour after 5 p.m.

Code Enforcement Officers:
CEO I G-8 $ 17.30 – $ 29.73
CEO II G-10 $ 18.63 –$ 32.02
CEO III G-12 $ 29.96 –$ 34.31

CEO NIGHT SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL OF $1.00/hour after 6 p.m.

Staff are routinely scheduled to work on Saturdays (PEO & CEO ) , Sundays ( CEO), and nights ( PEO Monday-Saturday, CEO Thursday –Saturday. They are paid at their regular Grade and Merit Step for a normal 40 hour work week and receive applicable Night Shift Differential. Staff are normally scheduled to cover these hours and shifts as part of their regular 40 hour work week. When it is necessary to schedule staff over 40 hours/week to cover shifts vacant due to leave, sickness, or special events they are paid at an overtime rate that is 1.5 times their base hourly rate.


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  1. anonymous

    This information is much appreciated, but the ranges, plus the potential for overtime mean these are only ballpark figures. I never thought parking enforcement personnel would cost the city so much. Given the cost, has private parking enforcement been considered? Would love to see the actual outlay, if available, instead of just a range. Thanks as always for sharing this information.

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