City’s Bike Share Roll out May be Delayed by a Few Months

Capital Bike Share

Capital Bike Share

The roll out of the College Park’s Bike Share program may be delayed by a few months. The City was hoping to roll out the program some time this summer.

Late last year, the College Park City Council authorized staff to work on an award of about $376,000 with the bikeshare company called Alta Bicycle Share. Alta manages many bike share programs in the country, including New York , Chicago and Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, Public Bike Systems Company (PBSC), the supplier of the bikes that Alta uses in its systems went into bankruptcy. This happened soon after the Council authorized our staff to work with Alta on the contract. Alta has been working to find ways to secure supplies of bikes that it plans to use in City’s bike share program.

The bankruptcy incident may have put some uncertainty about the program, but we think a solution will be found soon. I will keep you posted as I find more.

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