NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and thus is the day for north College Park Civic Association’s monthly meeting.

Meeting will start with a talk by City Mayor Andrew Fellows on the City – University Partnership program. Since last summer, University of Maryland officials, local City, County and State leaders have been working towards a vision to make College Park a top 20 College town. As part of this vision, five working groups have been developing strategies towards the following issue areas: public safety, housing and development, transportation, education, and sustainability. The Council will be adopting the vision document in its next Tuesday’s council session. The Council will also voice its support for the Charter school as envisioned by this partnership program.

Members will then discuss the FY2013 budget priorities. Council member Wojahn and I will present a few of our own budget wishes, however we’re more willing to know what the residents want to see in the next budget. Two of us also plan to have a mini town hall meeting some time in future before the council discusses the budget in its work sessions. In the mean time if you have any ideas on 2013 budget but cannot attend tonight’s meeting, please let us know.

Members will also discuss progresses made by steering committees on safety, Edgewood & Route 1, Variance , neighbor outreach, CSX / Beltsville, Greenbelt Sector plan and Route 1 reengineering. NCPCA members formed these committees in their January meeting.

You can see more about tonight’s meeting agenda here on NCPCA’s website: http://

As usual meeting will start at 7:30pm at Davis Hall (public works building). See you all there.