At next week’s Council meeting, the City Council will discuss an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University detailing the bikeshare project in College Park.

In 2013, the Mayor and Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and University with respect to division of bikeshare system rights and responsibilities between the parties. This MOU was not signed, due to the fact that a contract with Capital Bikeshare was not reached. Since that time, the City and University issued an RFP for a bikeshare system, and Zagster submitted the winning bid. The number of stations, and a few other items have changed since the original MOU was approved.

The Parties agree that this MOU applies to the seven (7) bikeshare station locations that the University will install and the seven (7) bikeshare station locations that the City will install, together with 125 associated bicycles and maintenance and operations services. Two stations will be located in north College Park – one at the end of Lackawanna Street near the Metro, and the other at the MoM/REI shopping complex.

The City and the University have jointly selected a contractor, Zagster, Inc. ( ) to install the Initial Launch, and maintain the said bikeshare station locations and bicycles for a term of three years, together with any additional Locations and additional Bicycles included during that period. The City and the University of Maryland will each pay one-half of the one-time Fee of $650,500.00 for the Initial Launch, to include the fourteen (14) station set-up and parking spaces installation for $65,500.00, and 125 initial bicycles at a price of $585,000.00.