In the last Council meeting, the City Council approved a letter in support of a Community Legacy Grant program at the Department of Housing and Community Development. The program will support the College Park City-University’s proposal to initiate a new Live/Work College Park program.

In order for this program to be successful, the College Park Partnership will apply for a grant in the amount of $200,000 – the total award available for the Community Legacy Program.

The College Park City-University Partnership is the local development corporation jointly funded by the University of Maryland and the City of College Park. It was founded to promote and support the economic welfare of College Park and the University of Maryland through activities including commercial revitalization, community development, and quality housing opportunities consistent with the interests of the City of College Park and the University of Maryland.

This new Live/Work program would support the construction of new housing, the renovation of rental properties and subsidize UMD faculty, staff and graduate students to live in the area. It will build upon existing investment and is a win-win combination of programs that will energize the College Park community.

Once the grant is accepted, the Partnership plans to form a Live/Work Grant advisory committee dedicated to determining the properties that would be available for transformation from rental units to single-family owned houses and what properties could be made available for new construction of housing specifically for UMD faculty and staff. The City-University Partnership has already had promising preliminary conversations with landowners interested in collaboration on such a potential venture.

This advisory committee is expected to be formed with people who represent the City, the University, the County, and other stakeholders. No later than April 2015, the number of properties will be made available for the program and the University will have a subsidy program in place for faculty and staff. When the grant monies are issued, the project is expected to be in full operation