While we may or may not agree on the statistical significance of recent crime numbers, one thing that won’t seem to escape from our neighborhood life any time soon is – crime.

While law enforcement / police agencies can certainly make a big contribution in keeping these numbers under control, citizen driven programs like Neighborhood Watch can also make a difference in improving these crime figures.

The City has a Neighborhood Watch program, but unfortunately, the program has been weak and running almost leader – less for some time. Though some of the neighborhoods in the city have active neighborhood watch program, most neighborhoods either don’t have any program at all or even if they have, they’re very much inactive. The programs in north College Park probably falls in the second category.

Back in July this year, the City had another meeting to revive the feeble Neighborhood Watch program. Unfortunately, the meeting did not produce any clear leadership for the program and since then, it remains effectively leader-less.

Tonight, the City will make another attempt to revive the program. One e-mail to a community group implores its resident members with this appeal: 

If you have ever wanted to get involved with Neighborhood Watch, or if you are concerned about crime in our City, please come to this meeting.  Please come whether you’re able to give only a little time to Neighborhood Watch, or whether you want to get more involved and help lead up a revitalized Neighborhood Watch program in our City.  We have roles in the Neighborhood Watch available for everyone, and we need every one’s help to make our City safer.

We will be using this meeting as an opportunity to recruiting new leadership and new volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch program in our City.  This is your chance to get involved!

Tonight’s meeting will be hosted by The City of College Park, together with the Prince George’s County police. The meeting will start at 7:00pm at the City Hall (4500 Knox Road). Parking passes will be available for free parking in the City Hall lot.

Please be there, if you can.