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City to Support Bill Curbing Disposable Plastic Bags in PG County

Skip bag, Save the riverAt next week’s meeting, the City Council will consider supporting PG-401-20 which would reduce landfill waste and litter by
imposing a fee on disposable bags.

PG-401-20 enables Prince George’s County to implement a fee for the use of certain disposable bags in certain commercial establishments.

This type of program has successfully reduced waste in other jurisdictions and will help reduce waste and improve the quality of life in College Park and our County.

Americans use billions of plastic bags each year. Many of these one-use bags end up in our landfills and public areas, detracting from our communities and creating costs for local governments.

This legislation is consistent with our work to protect and restore the environment, reduce waste, and create a more attractive community.


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  1. Marsha Hughes

    have some “lawn & garden refuse paper bags, which I’m using to dispose of shredded paper. I think that would help a lot, Fazlul. I just print my address on it, fold the & staple the top. I’m not sure where they can be found now, but I recommend them.

    ~ Marsha

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