City to Start Searching for a New City Manager

Our current City Manager Joe Nagro will be retiring at the end of June, 2015. The City has published and distributed a Request for Bids to hire an Executive Search Consultant. All bids are due to the Director of Finance by 2:00p.m. this Friday.

The Mayor and Council must decide on a process to select the winning bidder and hire a search consultant. The last time the City hired a search consultant was at the end of 2001, when a national search was conducted for a City Manager.

City records show that Mayor Brayman guided the process for evaluating the bids. Each Councilmember was asked to evaluate each proposal and rank the bids in order of their preference. There were six bids and the selected consultant fulfilled his responsibilities and then, within two years, honored his guarantee and did a second search for expenses only (not charging a second fee).

For the current search, Staff recommends that

  • Mayor and Council should appoint a chairperson to lead the process of selecting the consultant.
  • Council should decide if the entire Council will serve as the selection committee or if a smaller group will do the preliminary work and bring only finalists to the full Council.
  • It is the City’s practice to have the Director of Finance open all bids and complete a bid sheet including pertinent details and conformance with bid requirements.
  • Criteria for ranking must be determined so everyone is evaluating the bids similarly.
  • References should be checked on top 2 or 3, the selection is made from the list and the contract is signed
  • A basic time line for picking the consultant and awarding the contract should be discussed in order to keep the process moving.

At tonight’s worksession, the Council will discuss these recommendations.

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