Davis Hall

At tonight’s regular meeting, the Council will introduce an ordinance to amend FY 2012 budget to fund public works modular building replacement and City Hall expansion.

In FY2011, the City had an undesignated surplus of $1,405,053. We have previously identified the need for capital project funding for the Public Works Facility modular building replacement and the proposed City Hall expansion.

In order to reduce the need for borrowing for these projects, staff is proposing that we transfer $1,400,000 from the unassigned (formerly known as “undesignated”) reserve to the C.I.P. $1,000,000 should cover the estimated cost of the modular building replacement, including removal of the existing modular building and site preparation.

The remaining $400,000 is a deposit toward the City Hall expansion. The FYI3 requested budget provides an additional $500,000 for the City Hall expansion project.

This budget amendment reduces the unassigned reserve as a percentage of the FYI3 requested expenditure budget from 38.84% to 29.18%.

A public hearing will be held on the proposed Ordinance at 7:20 p.m. on the 8th day of May, 2012.

[Council member Wojahn and I will miss the public hearings tomorrow night and possibly the beginning of the meeting, because the County public hearing on the Park and Planning budget will be taking place at the same time.  We will be there to testify in support of earlier funding for a feasibility study for the North College Park Community Center, as well as for a number of other projects to improve Birch Field and other College Park facilities.]