At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the Council will consider approving a letter with its concerns about school bus transportation.

There have been many reports of buses not picking up students or being chronically late to bring or return students from the school. This critical situation is a public safety issue, prevents students from learning, and is a disruption to all students in the school.

Recently a group of parents sent a petition from over 350 County residents who are concerned about the current situation. Currently, the school board has brought together a task force that is looking at the issue both in the short and long term.

The letter asks (1) to evaluate and ensure proper use of the app called “Here Comes the Bus (2) to ensure all bus drivers understand their rout (3) to coordinate with school, administration to ensure attendance policies do not wrongfully punish students whose day is disrupted by a late bus (4) to ensure that all students whose bus is late still have the option to eat breakfast