Narragansett Pkwy Guard Rails

In tomorrow’s Council meeting, Council will consider awarding a contract to Long Fence Co., Inc., in the amount of $144,618.09 to replace the wooden guardrail along Narragansett Parkway with a new wooden guardrail.

Council has set aside $140,000 of speed camera funds to replace this guardrail, and the other $4,618.09 will come out of the City’s Capital Improvement Program for guardrail replacement. This guardrail is rotting and cracking and in need of replacement.

Long Fence Co. was the lowest bidder by over $20,000, and the City staff conducted a reference check and found that the company has done quality work in the past.

Although it would be cheaper to install a metal guardrail, residents in the area have expressed that they would like to keep the wooden guardrail because of its appearance and character.

Please let me know if you have any questions.