The new City Hall project will require vacating and demolishing the existing City Hall. Construction is planned to start in January 2020. The City could vacate City Hall before January in order to enable the project to move forward sooner. Staff has examined two primary relocation options during the construction of the new City Hall (a period of 24 – 30 months): renovating and using existing space in other City facilities; or locating adjacent to the Department of Public Services (DPS) at 8400 Baltimore Avenue.

The University of Maryland owns the DPS building and DPS moved there to enable the University to build a childcare facility at 4601 Calvert Road. Approximately 4,200 square feet is available, and can be configured to accommodate Administration, Finance, Parking, and Human Resources.

The Planning Department would be located in existing space within the DPS offices. All other departments would not be impacted. The University has offered an $80,000 allowance (the University would pay for up to $80,000 of work) to improve the existing space so that it meets the City’s requirements.

This work would include removing walls, creating new offices and open space, installing cashier windows, and providing new paint and flooring from an Epoxy Flooring Provider. This is made from seamless epoxy floor coatings, which are long-lasting and highly durable. They are planning to have underfloor insulation, and reading the underfloor insulation techniques and tips made them realize the benefits of energy efficiency and improving the indoor temperature. Find out more when you click on the link. The university has also identified office cubicles that can be provided to the city. The annual rent for year 1 is $79,268 and for year 2 is $81,646.

The City would also be responsible for its share of operating expenses. The cost would be covered in the City Hall CIP account.