Shuttle - UM

Shuttle – UM

At this Tuesday’s worksession, the City Council will discuss renewing City contract with the UM Shuttle service.

Since 2008, the City of College Park and the University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services have had an MOU that allows College Park residents and City employees to use the Shuttle UM.

The City issues permits at no cost to the residents and employees. The City currently pays $6,000 annually, which allows 1,000 permits to be issued. Since the program’s inception, the City has issued 794 permits, including 71 permits since January 2015. City staff are meeting with the Transportation Services Director and will inquire about ridership data.

The availability of this service is advertised in the Municipal Scene, the Cable channel, and the City website. City staff will contact via email current permit holders to estimate how many are current Shuttle UM users, the frequency of use, and suggestions to increase the number of users.