Good news. The City will start producing a monthly map showing the crime and other quality of life issues in the city.

Over the past year, City staff have worked with Prince George’s County Police (PGPD) to distribute maps and statistics of reported crime and police calls for service produced by PGPD staff assigned to the Joint Analysis Intelligence Center (JAIC).

The City believes these maps have the most accurate crime and police activity information available. The City’s Department of Public Services gained approval and hired part-time Crime Analyst, PGPD Officer Dearing, to produce monthly maps and statistical trend analysis of data approved for City use.

Officer Dearing is one of PGPD’s JAIC analysts and has authorized access to PGPD daily crime report data. Going forward, we will receive maps on a monthly basis showing general (by block, not specific addresses) locations of reported violent crimes, property crimes, police response to noise complaints, miscellaneous quality of life complaints (e.g. public alcohol and cannabis consumption, trespassing, loitering, etc.), and police initiated traffic stops and field interviews. If you are facing criminal charges, be sure to find a reputable criminal lawyer Schaumburg to help with your defense.

City will also receive composite maps and statistics of all daily crime report calls as described, and calendar year to date trend analyses. These maps will only include incidents within the City limits. They will not include all calls in the patrol beats B6 and B7 which extend beyond the City’s borders.

These statistics include all data for PGPD responses, including City Contract Police, within the City. At this week’s meeting, Staff will present samples of each type of map and year-to-date statistics. Monthly maps and trend analysis will be posted on the City’s webpage at

A link to the maps will be added to the Weekly Bulletin following the highlights of contract police activity. Availability of this new public information will also be noted on our TV and social media platforms.

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