Sunnyside Skate Park

The City of College Park will send a letter to the Maryland National Park (M-NCPPC) stating that it intends to take care of some maintenance work the newly constructed Skate Park, provided it allows the City to annex it.

Last month, Ronnie Gathers, Director of the County’s Department of Parks and Recreation, sent a letter to the City indicating that he expected that the City would undertake some of the maintenance of the Skate Park, and said that the decision to include a bowl was based on the understanding that the City would do this.

In March, 2011, M-NCPPC requested that the City amend the 2009 Agreement to include a requirement that the City undertake certain maintenance obligations (inspecting and removing leaves, vegetative matter, and other debris from the skate park to allow for uninterrupted drainage of stormwater through the drain inlets). M-NCPPC would retain primary maintenance responsibilities.

The request was formally addressed by Council at a
public meeting, and it was decided that the additional maintenance obligation would be
acceptable ifM-NCPPC agreed to annex the park into City limits. It is the City’s longstanding
policy to provide services only within City limits.

In last Tuesday’s worksession. the Council considered a letter in response to Mr. Gathers stating that we will help maintain the park only if M-NCPPC allows its annexation into the City. The