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City to Move Metzerott Speed Camera

Yesterday, the City posted the following press release after stories on a “confusing” speed camera on Metzerott Road were reported on several media outelets.

Recently the city was notified that some drivers may be confused about the speed limit on Metzerott Road at the location of the westbound speed camera. This is the first time in three years of operation of this camera that the city has been made aware of this concern. While the placement of the camera is legal, the city wishes to avoid any possible confusion about the speed limit in this area. As a result of an evaluation of alternative sites, the city intends to move the westbound camera to a location further east, as determined by the traffic engineers.


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  1. Fazlul Kabir

    Jay, Thanks for sharing the links. I have forwarded them to our staff.

  2. anita

    Thanks Jay!!! It would be nice if our city officials were honest. I remember all the news stories when that camera was first placed and the public’s concerns. What a ridiculous press release, it’s really outrageous.

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