At tonight’s meeting, the Council will consider introducing ordinance 21-O-15 to amend, the City Code
(a) to eliminate weight and load capacity limits for vehicles that do not exceed 21 feet in length or 6 feet in width;
(b) to authorize the City Manager or designee to grant permission for a good cause to allow a prohibited vehicle to park on a City street for no more than 30 days; and
(c) to authorize the Advisory Planning Commission to hear and make recommendations to the Council with respect to requests for permission to park prohibited vehicles for longer than 30 days for a good cause; to amend City Code to define the good cause.

Currently, the City Council reviews ad approves the parking of prohibited vehicles on City streets. The longer and heavy vehicles will be still considered prohibited – the change will be that the approval will be made through the APC committee, instead of the City Council. The APC currently oversees variance applications of prohibited fences etc.