At yesterday’s meeting, the Council awarded a contract to City’s existing security camera system contractor, Hitachi Vantara to install 3 multi-focus security cameras in North College Park, and replace failed equipment in Old Town.

A grant application to the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) was submitted in August 2018 requesting $141,398.00 to expand the City’s security camera and license plate recognition system. In December 2018, the City received notice of an award of $49,998.00. This GOCCP award amount will provide for the installation of three multi-focus security camera locations.

Working with our vendor to assess feasibility, three locations in North College Park have been selected for this expansion. They are:

  • Rhode Island at Edgewood
  • Rhode Island at Duvall Field parking lot, and
  • Lackawanna at 53rd

With these 3 cameras, north College Park will now have 4 cameras in City-controlled public area. City installed the first safety camera at Davis Field playground, at the east end of Kennesaw street.

These cameras are not live monitored, but the video will be stored in case the police needs them when a crime happens, and police start an investigation.

Also, these will be fixed focus with a field of view slightly less than 360 degrees rather than pan/tilt/zoom remote-controlled or fixed pattern. This should provide a greater probability of videoing activity in the area. This is a trend in security camera systems.

Data is stored on-site and remains stored until recorded over. Maximum storage is approximately 30 days or less for locations with more motion-activated recordings.

In addition to the 3 cameras, the Council also approved $19,582.87 to replace some failed equipment in the original system in Old Town m