City to Improve Two Streets with Green Streets Green Job Grants

Green streets Green Jobs

In last night’s Council worksession, the Council agreed to award a contract to LIDC for consulting services under the Green Streets – Green Jobs grant in the amount of $35000.

In February 2011, the City was awarded a $35,000 Green Streets-Green Jobs grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to develop green infrastructure plans for 2 streets in College Park.

The goal of the Green Streets – Green Jobs program is to increase attention to watershed protection through best practices in storm water management.

The streets include Lackawanna Street between Narragansett Parkway and 53rd Avenue with an amount of $18,500 and Rhode Island Avenue between Greenbelt Road and Tecumseh Street with an amount of $16,500.

The LackawannaStreet project tasks includes review of previous concept plans and reports, engineering and drainage analysis, preparation of preliminary details, storm drain profiles and cross sections and preliminary cost estimates.

Possible green street improvements may include rain gardens and bioswales, use of pervious pavement, and other techniques designed to minimize runoff and improve the quality of stormwater that drains into the watershed.

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