In a heartfelt proclamation, the College Park Mayor and Council plans to acknowledges the outstanding contributions of Valerie Woodall to the community. Woodall’s decade-long commitment to fostering a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive environment has significantly impacted College Park. Her pivotal role within the College Park City-University Partnership has strengthened bonds between the city, the University of Maryland, and the community at large.

Woodall’s leadership and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in numerous initiatives, including the development of the University Community Vision 2030 and the management of the Partnership’s Homeownership Program, which facilitated the purchase of 82 homes within the city. Her dedication extended to cultural enrichment through the support of public artworks and safety enhancements along the Trolley Trail.

During the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Woodall’s leadership shone through as she supported local businesses and community resilience efforts. Her legacy also encompasses significant contributions to education, environmental sustainability, and community engagement.

Mayor Kabir, along with the City Council, residents, staff, colleagues, and friends, extends heartfelt gratitude to Valerie Woodall for her exceptional service and dedication to the City of College Park. Her passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the community. As she moves forward, the city wishes her continued success and thanks her for making College Park a better place.