[Video Credit: ABCNews]
At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the Mayor and Council will make a proclamation in honor of Prince George’s County Public School Bus Driver Renita Smith for her great bravery and heroism when the bus she was driving caught fire. Ms. Smith was driving her bus at 4:45 p.m. on Monday, September 12, 2016, returning students home. When she was in the 9600 block of 51st Avenue, Ms. Smith experienced a problem with the bus and noticed smoke.

There were 20 young children on board. Ms. Smith safely evacuated each child from the bus and then went back inside to make sure no children were left on the bus shortly before it was consumed by flames. It was because of Ms. Smith’s quick-thinking and heroic efforts that those children were saved and safely returned home to their families. Ms. Smith is an inspiration to our community and her actions are a reminder that heroes walk among us.

You can find more about the Ms. Smith’s heroic work here on ABCNews