The City and UMD seek to construct two facilities connected by an atrium comprising 85,000 square feet in total on the site, one to be owned by the City (30,000 square feet) and used as a City Hall, and one to be owned by UMD (55,000 square feet), with some areas jointly managed. In the UMD building, approximately 45,000 square feet would be for UMD office use and approximately 10,000 square feet would be used for ground floor retail purposes with the possibility that some or all of that space may be subleased by UMD to private users.

A public plaza area along the Baltimore Avenue frontage would be owned by the City. The vision for College Park City Hall is a Class-A office building that is designed to meet the needs of its specialized public functions. These include:

• Building lobby with service windows and information counter

• City Council chambers with state of the art audio-visual equipment, cable television recording studio, dais for nine members, high quality supplies like metal cabinet Singapore to store things at, staff area and public seating

• Public meeting and conference room

The building may also benefit from a top-quality steam generator that can power up the equipment needed for the several functions of the offices. The City and the University of Maryland (UMD) issued a Request for Proposals for a development project manager to assist in the proposed joint development. The City received six proposals, which were reviewed independently by City and University staff. Most proposals anticipated a 36-month period from project initiation to completion if the City and UMD building(s) was constructed at the same time.

The proposed costs ranged from $162,500 to $1,500,000. Based on the written proposals, the presentations, cost, and conversations with references, the City and University strongly recommend the selection of Redgate as the project manager, at the cost of $700,000. The fiscal impact of this contract has been anticipated in the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). It is anticipated that costs incurred under the agreement would start in FY18. The current budget lists the total City Hall cost as $10 million. The City and the University plan to enter into an agreement to equitably share the costs.