Vote Count at the City Hall, 2013 College Park election. This year’s election night will be very short

Past elections have had the unofficial election night ballot count televised live from City Hall and candidate interviews were televised during the count.

In this upcoming election on November 7, that will however change.

City has recently started using electronic scanners, which provide the Election Day count for each precinct shortly after the polls close. So live TV will no longer be used. Staff will provide near real-time results on the City’s web site home page.

City’s Board of Election Supervisors (BOES) has described the new process as follows – The polls will close at 8 PM or as soon as the last voter in line at 8 PM has voted. The election judges will electronically close the ballot boxes (the scanners) and get the preliminary results for the mayoral and council contests. The tally from each scanner will be read aloud in the precinct. Davis Hall judges will call the results to City Hall. The City Hall judges will follow the same closing process. As a result, the unofficial interim results of the Council races will be known in the polling place for those seats.

The Council Chamber at City Hall will have a Citywide tally sheet where Election Day results will be posted. As the precinct votes are completed and received they will be posted. Thus, the interim results of the Mayoral race will be posted in the Council Chambers and quickly thereafter be on the City web site.

The Citywide tally sheet will also show the number of absentee ballots mailed and the number of provisional ballots to be processed. Absentee ballots received by 4 PM Wednesday the 8th, and validated provisional ballots are counted at the official canvas on the 8th. That canvas is conducted in the small conference room on the lower level of City Hall. The canvas is open to the public.