After City received $350,000 from the State of Maryland last year, the City will likely to receive another grant from the Prince George’s County.

The Prince George’s County Council allocated $250,000.00 in CB-38-2012 to the County Department of Public Works and Transportation (“DPW &T”) to be used for “Bike Share Facilities in the Route 1 Corridor area”. In a recent meeting with Councilmember Eric Olson, the City and representatives from ATHA and the Town of Riverdale Park, a plan was discussed that would involve payment ofthe $250,000.00 by DPW&T to the City pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). The City would agree to administer the funds so that they are used for bike share facilities in the Route 1 Corridor area.

The bike share funds must be encumbered by June 30, 2013 or the appropriation will end. Payment to the City under an MOU with DPW &T would sufficiently encumber the funds. At the meeting, a cooperative approach with other municipalities, including the Town of Riverdale Park and the City of Hyattsville, with the view of expanding the bike share system along the Route 1 Corridor was discussed. A THA was included as a likely choice for eventual coordination of these efforts. However, due to the short time frame, it was proposed that the City receive the funds and that the details of where and how they are to be used and the eventual plan of administration would be left to a later date after consultation among the potential participants. The City’s receipt of the funds is to be governed by the MOU. A draft of the MOU is now circulating but is not ready for approval. Hopefully, we will be able to provide the draft in advance of the voting session on June 18 so that it can be adopted by Council.

In the next week’s Council will consider authorizing 1) the receipt of $250,000.00 from DPW &T, to be used for bike share facilities in the Route 1 Corridor area, 2) an MOU with DPW &T with respect to receipt of the funds, and 3) cooperation with other municipalities and ATHA with respect to where and how the monies will be spent to expand bike share facilities.