College Park - a great college town by 2020

Back in early 2011 summer, the University of Maryland president Dr. Wallace Loh unveiled a plan to make College Park a great college town.

Titled ”Making College Park a Top 20 College Town by 2020″, the UM district vision plan says its goal “is evident within a variety of vision and research documents that have been generated over the last few years”.

Five work groups — safety, housing and development, transportation, sustainability and education were formed to help build the vision. The group members include leaderships from the state, local and university officials, such as City Mayor Andrew Fellows, County Councilman Eric Olson, State Delegate Joseline Mel-nyk and University of Maryland Police Chief David Mitchell.

Details of the plan can be found here in the post.

In its first work session of 2012, the Mayor and Council will discuss the progress made in the district vision.