A few months ago, in consultation with some of my colleagues, I asked our City Council to create a College Park Bike/Walk Committee.

The new committee lays out several strategic plan objectives, such as improving ease of travel, encouraging green modes of transportation, and reducing unnecessary car use. It also makes the case that a committee would facilitate sustained municipal and community engagement in bicycle and pedestrian issues and help to focus the discussion on infrastructure planning and improvements to achieve results.

Staff also agrees that creating a Bike/Walk Committee would be a positive step in raising the profile of alternative transportation issues in the City and that it should also address micro-mobility vehicles.

At the February 21, 2023, Council Meeting, the City Council and staff discussed the idea further. The general consensus was establishing the Committee with 11 people, one representative from each Council district, plus a student representative. The remaining six seats will be at-large, not requiring City residency. The goal is to have representation from pedestrians, cyclists, and micro-mobility travelers. Therefore appointments of individuals from the business community, advocacy groups, and those with mobility or sensory challenges should be considered.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will vote to approve the creation of the new committee.