City to Buy First Hybrid Bus for Transporting Seniors and Students

At next week’s meeting, the Council will consider awarding a contract in the amount of $86,057.00 to Apple Ford for the purchase of one 2019 E450 Ford XL Hybrid 21 Passenger Bus package to replace the 2003 vehicle as planned.

The new bus will replace the old bus (Bus #122), which currently has 114,699 miles traveled, been in service for 16 years and has extensive maintenance issues occurring with the body and chassis portion of the bus.

The expected useful life of the bus is approximately 10 years.

The bus is the largest bus in the fleet and is utilized most frequently by the Department of Youth, Family and Seniors Services for a variety of transportation needs, including seniors transportation and transporting Lakeland STARs students to the UMD campus an average of 11 times a semester. This bus does require a CDL license.

Last month, the Council was considering to buy a regular bus by awarding a contract at $73,910.00 to American Bus Sales Service for the purchase of one 21 Passenger Bus. Thanks to north College Park resident Matt Dernoga, who asked the Council to look into a hybrid bus option.

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