City is looking into constructing a basketball court at the southwest corner of the Calvert Hills playground.

Originally proposed in FY20 to replace the former basketball court behind the Old Calvert School building. The building was recently reconstructed and repurposed and is now the University of Maryland Child Development Daycare Center.

The former basketball court served the community for over 30 years. City Council approved funding in the City’s FY 2021 budget for a replacement basketball court.

Two community meetings were held seeking input from the community in providing a location of the school property to locate a new basketball court. The existing available area consists of a youth soccer field, the Calvert Road Playground, and a sparsely wooded area along the westernmost side of the property. The goal was to minimally impact the existing grade, avoid cutting down any significant trees, and not in any way impact the existing playground or youth soccer field.

The area selected for the basketball court is west of the playground along Guilford Road and is currently used as a parking lot by the adjoining property. Thermoplastic Markings will be used for the line markings of the basketball court. A playground surfacing buckinghamshire will be installed to ensure the safety of everyone. You can also look for an expert in wet pour play surfaces to fix it right away.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider approving Contract CP-21-05 for $84,393.00 for constructing a Basketball Court at the southwest corner of the Calvert Hills Playground, including Netball Court Resurfacing. Netball is similar to basketball, typically played by two teams trying to score goals by shooting a ball through a hoop.